Make a Folder File List Using Windows

Have you ever needed to make a list of files of a Windows folder that you could paste into an email or another document? Incredibly, this functionality is missing from the Windows GUI. Here you will find a free tool which you can download and use for this purpose. It will work on 64 bit Windows 10 and it should work on 64 bit windows 11. A video demo is here.

Download Zip File

Unzip this file and double left click on “SetupFolderDisplay2.2.exe”. Windows Defender will warn you that this is an unrecognized app. This happens because I’m not willing to pay for a security certificate to sign software that I’m giving away for free.

Assuming that you are ready to try it, go ahead and double left click on it.

You may or may not see the following screens or something similar:

Seeing the above window means that your new tool is correctly installed!

This program is completely free to you. There are no internal locks or paywalls.
It is free of viruses and malware. This the only official download page.

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