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Seasoned professional software engineer and expert team player. Experienced in all phases of software development with exceptional problem-solving ability, written communication skills, and training in software applications technologies.


Right Results Consulting LLC, Buffalo Grove IL
An internet business marketing company.

Owner and Principal Consultant (2007 to 2014)
Solutions for microbusiness. E-commerce website design and maintenance. Blog setup and publishing. On page and off page search engine optimization.

  • Designed and maintained a client e-commerce website with 728 active products. The site was 98% HTML & CSS and was built on demand by a Java application. The Java application used MS Access and Yahoo Store Catalog databases which were first combined into XML and then into SEO optimized HTML using the Altova XML Transformation Engine. The Java application provided for review and approval of all updates before deployment into the live production website.
  • Created a Java desktop application SEO article creation tool, with GUI, which produced articles from an e-commerce store XML product feed. Produced between 4-7 product articles per day for 6 months. Raised the ranking of client homepage to #2 for a highly competitive keyword.
  • Created a lead generation marketing campaign for an e-commerce store. The campaign’s strategy was to offer a free eBook in exchange for a lead’s email address. The campaign used a sales letter and squeeze page. If an email address was submitted by the visitor, a download link and registration code was automatically emailed to the lead, via my software and MySQL database.
  • Created and maintained a client Home Construction brochure website. Featured JavaScript photo galleries, articles in HTML and CSS, and articles as converted PDF files.
  • Created and maintained a nutritional health blog. Used to promote a client’s eCommerce store.

Motorola, Arlington Heights IL Cellular Switching Business Unit
A leading provider of wireless communications and advanced electronic systems.

Principle Staff Engineer (1998 to 2007)
Created solutions for all cellular switching system customer problems in cell fault management and switching matrix software. Advised lower-level engineers who provided solution implementation.

  • Resolved device stability problems occurring during new system software rollout after documenting 353 software modules and assuming software maintenance responsibility for switching matrix software.
  • Reduced weather-related cell service outage time 20% by designing an improved audit algorithm.
  • Transferred maintenance responsibility for multiple functional areas of software to offshore software engineers.
  • Worked directly with customers on a regular basis to understand problems and deliver solutions.
  • Analyzed customer reported problems, developed solutions and reviewed implementations within company established timeframes.
  • Trained department engineers and offshore contract engineers on software operation in accordance with established project schedules.
  • Researched methods of implementation for proposed new features and created budgetary estimates.

Staff Engineer (1987 to 1998)
Created solutions for all cellular switching system new features and customer problems in network fault management and cell fault management software. Developed implementations and advised lower level senior engineers.

  • Designed software which transferred cell database from the switching system to multiple cells using a multitasking framework. One thread collected and queued craftsperson requests and one thread transferred database. Delivered a team inspected design and code on time.
  • Designed software which automatically restored weather related out-of-service networking connections between switching systems. Our customer was delighted with the operational results and the on-schedule delivery.

Senior Engineer (1984 to 1987)
Created solutions for all cellular switching system new features and customer problems in database management and network fault management software.

  • Created design, code, test, and provided deployment support for cell site database management. Designed 24 database management programs.
  • Created code, test, and provided deployment support for real time network link fault management and related human interface. This software maintained the networking connections between Motorola networked switches.

Motorola, Schaumburg IL Mobile 2-Way Business Unit
A leading provider of wireless communications and advanced electronic systems.

Senior Engineer (1981 to 1984)
Software and hardware design, code, and test for mobile 2-way radio products.

  • Created software for Mostar and Traxar trunking 2-way radio, a real-time 6805 microcomputer application.
  • Created hardware design, software, code and test for VHF/UHF radio PROM programmer for use in a 6800 based system. This included a friendly user interface and computational support.

Telemed Cardio-Pulmonary Systems, Hoffman Estates IL
A remote electrocardiogram analysis company.

Hardware/Software Engineer (1979 to 1981)

  • Maintained modems used to transmit ECG waveforms and analysis to customers.
  • Designed hardware and software for an 8080 microcomputer system. The system was used to monitor and document the activity of telephone data circuits. Its design included a time and date clock, control panel, and telephone line interface.
  • Designed remotely controlled RS-232 switching equipment. This was used to provide modem attachment to the primary or secondary computer.
  • Designed a high speed synchronous modem which interfaced with the switched telephone network utilizing an automatic dialer and computer. The modem was bell 201C compatible.

Victor Business Products, Chicago IL
A calculator and printer company.

Project Engineer (1978 to 1979)

  • Responsible for establishment of project schedules and for tracking of milestone events.
  • Provided co-ordination between electrical design, software design, mechanical design, printed circuit card design, component engineering, drafting, production control, and purchasing.

U.S. Navy, Great Lakes IL Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center

Supervisory Electronics Engineer (1977 to 1978)

  • Responsible for technical and administrative management.
  • Supervised creation of design plans for intrusion detection and communication systems.
  • Insured that standard engineering policy, logistics, and fiscal contraints were applied to projects.
  • Advised my personnel of the latest developments and standards which applied to their assignments in order for them to develop economical and feasible solutions to design problems.
  • Wrote a word processor application for our Data General Nova 1220 computer which was used to update status reports.

Electronics Engineer (1971 to 1977)

  • Coordinated TEMPEST testing of classified information processing facilities.
  • Supervised and participated in testing various types of computers and other types in information processing equipment.
  • As necessary, obtained programming support from each facility tested and assisted in finding solutions to any problems detected.
  • Gained experience in making presentations of technical information.
  • Responsible for the technical accuracy of all testing and test reporting.


College of Lake County
Grayslake, IL USA

Java Programming


University of Illinois
Champaign, IL USA

Electrical Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Python, Java, SQL, Perl, Assembly, C

Development Environments: Unix, Linux, Windows

Databases: MS Access, Oracle

Web Design: HTML, XML, XSLT, Dreamweaver

Other: MS Excel, MS Word, Framemaker, DOORS